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John Overall JohnOverall.com John Overall has been working online since 1995 since just before the introduction of the first web browser. In 1999, he opened his web design and hosting business, which by chance was the same year that Google came on the scene and the internet, was heating up. For the last 10 years, he has been doing web design and hosting and since early 2009, he has been focusing on WordPress as a platform for people to deliver their messages to the world. After receiving numerous questions from clients about how to use WordPress, John developed introductory and advanced courses on how to use WordPress and teaches it at Shoreline Community School in Victoria. With a focus on WordPress, he looks for ways to bring more people into the fold and begin using WordPress to maximize their websites impact. With this also came a need to educate people about Social Media and it great uses and pitfalls. Which includes explaining to people what social media is? Why social media is becoming such a prevalent tool in our society? How marketers, businesses and other professionals use social media today. Including some of the important privacy issues involved in using social media websites. In addition, educating people about knowing what you should and should not put online. And hoping to help people avoid getting caught in any scams from social media. John spends his spare time with his two young sons, and getting out hiking whenever he can preferably in the Sooke hills.

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